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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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caring, visionary, magnetic, fierce loyalty, tough, tender, difficult, and, let's just say, really complicated. >> prove that it is hard to find one were to truly describe the man that donald schaefer was. the final goodbye is our big story tonight. >> it has been three days celebrating the life and times of a man that people say was larger than life. we were there when his casket was carried from city hall. we have team coverage tonight on his funeral parent we began with -- tonight on his funeral. >> it was a day full of
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memories, tears, and laughter as people said a final farewell to donald schaefer. bagpipes accompanied the body to old st. paul's church. inside, old friends and co- workers shared their best stories, their best memories of a political giant. >> if you dared talk inevitably of baltimore, he would go nuts. he would not be satisfied until everybody shared his passion for his city and state. >> i asked for his advice. what should my agenda of the, mayor? offer would go. he would say, without missing a beat, bucks for baltimore. remember, the buck stops here and the more of it that does, the better. [laughter] >> noaa irritated me more than
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him and no one irritate -- and no one irritated me more than him and no one irritated him more than me. >> he refused to call me councilman. instead, he called me councilman muffin. [laughter] and i refused to say mayor schaefer. for seven years, i said mayor so what? >> there was a graveside ceremony. the guard fired a 19-cannon salute. his closest friends and allies sat next to his flag-draped casket. he was in turn next to his longtime companion. his marker simply says "he cared." >> i can see him pointing his finger at all of us, to made sure, with all the fanfare, to
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not lose sight of what really mattered most and what he wanted all the people that he served to remember -- he cared. governor, we sure do it. >> the funeral last a couple of hours. the graveside service was about 20 minutes. the american flag was taken off his casket and given to his longtime aide and longtime friend. >> 11 news was there all day as maryland said goodbye to a true giant, am and will no doubt be remembered as a legend. jayne miller has more. >> the funeral was an event, a perfect fit to the man being remembered. >> when the history of baltimore is written, he has to have a major chapter in it. >> the greatest maryland of the 20th century. i am sure it is like the way england felt when winston churchill past.
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>> i am proud to be a baltimorian because of what john did. >> i think people are realizing what an extraordinary mayor he was, even people who were not around to see it in person geert >> what he did affected what we have now. we did not have harbored then when i was growing up. it became a landmark for the city. some of the things that we appreciate and take for granted, i guess it is because it is here. we need to remember that it came because of his legacy. >> it was no man's land back then. it all started with him and the harbor. it spread like wildfire. >> a chorus was part of the funeral procession. and the booths were turned back into the stirrups.
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>> for more on the life of william donald schaefer, you can log on to our website, you will find video tribute to my place to leave your condolences, and you can hear from a columnist who wrote "william donald schaefer, a political biography." in other news, texas republican ron paul has launched a presidential sport for a committee. he has not announced an official bid for the presidency. this makes it more likely. he plans to make a firm decision sometime in the near future. president barack obama has decided to put the burqa third issue to bed. >> he has -- the birther issue to bed. >> he has had the long form certificate issued by the state of donald trump quickly took credit for that move.
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>> yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii, august 4, 1961. >> he said it for years. today, president obama approved it. he requested the state of hawaii exception of its rules and release his long form birth certificate. the president joked about the issue last year. >> besides, i happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth. [laughter] >> but recent polls showed that a quarter of americans doubted his citizenship. >> we will not able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. >> that was a shot at republican donald trump who accused him of a government cover-up. >> i did something that nobody else could do. i got obama to give up his gift certificate. >> he made a calculation that he
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just had to put it to rest. >> i think they just finally got irritated and said, let's just deal with it, and hopefully we do not have to deal with it every impaired >> president wants all the focus on his leadership and the run of 22012. >> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we have better stuff to do. i have better stuff to do. we have big problems to solve. and i am continent we can solve them. but we have to focus on them, not on this. thank you. >> if you would like to see the president's birth certificate for yourself, log on to our website, mr. obama plans to get back to business tomorrow from also, of major changes are expected for his national security team. the president will nominate current cia director william panetta to take over as a secretary defense and general david petraeus currently overseeing the war in
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afghanistan is expected to take over as cia director. robert gates is expected to leave before the end of the year. both changes require senate approval. >> that caffeine fix will cost you more soon. the price of coffee at an all- time high, nearly $3 a pound. blame bad weather in coffee growing regions. many coffee houses are considering jacking up prices or cutting down on their services. sony says its playstation network was hacked. the formation of one set -- of 77 million playstation users have been accessed, including user credit card numbers. gainers were frustrated and angry, but this could cause long-term and widespread damage. >> i think the people will no question all types of companies,
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all types of brands, when it comes to giving details of their data. it is something that is here to stay. data is in the cloud, whichever company, whichever it is, and people are doing whatever is necessary to do. >> playstation network has been offline for more than a week pierre >> earlier tonight, firefighters makers and discovery, responding to a call off in southwest baltimore. >> the body of an unidentified person was found in the basement of a home. >> there are still a lot of unanswered question. but police said the circumstances of that fire and where the body was found are both suspicious. >> the call went out around 9:45 a.m. as the fire in the unit block of south monroe's st..
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for as many groomed discover. >> there was a fire in the basement. subsequently, a body was found that suffered some burns and was unfortunately pronounced uh d.o.a.. >> i hope they identify it and the family can find out about it at all that stuff. >> the fire was contained to the basement and cost $1,000 worth of damage. the cause is still under investigation. because an unidentified body was found, baltimore city police are also investigating. the circumstances of the fire and the body have raised red flags pierre >> based on where the fire was located in the house and there was a body present, detectives believe the fire could be deliberately set. they believe the fire caused to be suspicious. and they believe the death of the person found at the vacant home to be suspicious as well. >> not the fire truck, but the body, that is unusual for around here. >> according to police, there have not been any reports of
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missing people in the neighborhood. if you have any information that could help please, call city homicide. >> we will have more from today's funeral of william donald schaefer, including what had the entire church laughing during such a somber occasion. >> the royal wedding is two days away. everyone, from the royals to the military, are getting ready. >> the wedding of the century, but one full of royal firsts. we have some of the surprising changes you will see on friday appeared >> severe weather plays the midwest, the south -- the damage it has caused is next. >> there are still some severe thunderstorms in the region. the new tornado watch remains in effect. the forecast is straight ahead. baltimore has 69 degrees at the eight airport.
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>> it is no secret that he and oftentimes were on different sides of the ball. no one irritated me more than hand and no one irritated him more than me. well, maybe parris glendening. [laughter] >> laughter filled old same paul's church while william donald schaefer was eulogized today. with all the speeches, one thing was evident. that was how much he meant to will the people he served. >> after we finished opening all the cards he received on his
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89th brought the, -- 89th birthday, he said oakwood why did i not get 300?" that was his way of saying how much he really appreciated it. >> schiffer will certainly be remembered as baltimore royalty could pass for royalty across the atlantic, if you have not heard, there is a pretty big event coming up. >> just two days away from the wedding of prince william and milton.e nothincatherine -- katherine middleton. she will arrive as a common and leave as a princess. those who caught a glimpse say that the excitement is mounting. >> it was exciting.
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i cannot imagine what it will be like on friday. it will be amazing. >> some have called it the wedding of the century. but you could also call it the wedding for a new century. technology and tradition will meet. >> william and cake will be breaking ground when they tie the knot on friday. their wedding will be full of royal firsts. >> this is the new technology wedding. they made announcements on twitter. they have the facebook page. >> that is just the start of the protocol changes. prince harry is being called best man, not supporter, the turmoils regularly use. instead of a traditional wedding breakfast, the queen will host a buffet. also, the bride is staying at a hotel, not a palace, on the night before. on the day of, she is traveling to the abbey in a car, rather than a carriage. and her family is chipping in on
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costs. >> it is important that this wording should not be seen at a time of hardship for many as being ostentatious. >> while many believe the wedding will signal a modern monarchy, history and tradition will play an important role, including the london chamber orchestra. >> i am starting to feel a little apprehensive now. >> the longest established professional chamber orchestra in the u.k., it is one of five groups providing music for the ceremony. conductor christopher warren green got the call from prince charles and sell. >> they involve their parents and the choices. they ask them what they thought. it is like any normal wedding, if you like. >> but it is tradition with a twist. in another royal first, the wedding music will be available for download. it will be released on itunes within hours of the service here
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at westminster abbey on friday. the palace is expected to reveal the music program on thursday. >> and of course, kitt continues for coverage of the royal wedding from london. live today show coverage begins on wbal tv this friday. get up early. >> our area survived a couple of tornado watches and warnings. the same cannot be said for the south and midwest. stretching from texas to the carolinas and virginia, even touching parts of ohio and pennsylvania, dozens of tornadoes have popped up, including one blamed for extensive damage in northern alabama. a courthouse, a medical center, and a number of house took an
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absolute beating. several deaths across the state are being blamed on the system that moved through earlier today. >> we can still see a few strong thunderstorms approaching. even tonight. the tornado watch remains in effect until 2:00 a.m. around the baltimore area. you can see this cluster of storms that had a tornado warning assisted with it coming across western virginia. it is moving across to montgomery county. it is affecting parts of montgomery county as we speak. it will get into parts of howard county as well. these storms can produce isolated tornadoes, damaging winds and hail, and some very heavy rain associated with it as well as they try to the northeast. off to the west of us, it is tomorrow morning's what appeared up to the appalachian mountains, isolated tornadoes and even the nasty weather coming across alabama into atlanta appeared dozens of tornadoes -- into atlanta. dozens of tornadoes are reported
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down there. several people have been killed by tornadoes that reaped the deep south. this is coming on the heels of all that nasty weather that has been happening a little farther out to the midwest throughout the week. here comes the storm slowly inching its way across the mid- atlantic. it may be midday tomorrow before we can give it the all clear. this is happening eerily close to the anniversary of one of maryland's worst tornadoes. the 28 of a book, 2002, one of only a couple of f4 tornadoes ever recorded in the state of maryland. look at the with. 650 yards wide. it continued to calvert county. there were more fatalities there. there was $415 million in damages. it kind of tells you that this is the season for severe storms
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and tornadoes. unfortunate, it has been a very active spring so far nationwide. that sets the stage for the thunderstorms. it is 12 degrees warmer than normal. we have not had much rain officially at the airport. the pollen count continues quite high. so far, the pollen count this one was in the very high range. hopefully, there will be a little bit of rain tomorrow morning to wipe that out. hopefully, we can avoid the severe storms. it is 39 degrees at market, michigan. where the steel air masses are coming together in the ohio valley, that is the strong for a lifting the warm and muggy air, triggering the storms. we're still on the warm side of that front. temperatures are seasonally mile even for this hour. 63 degrees to 70 degrees is the overnight low. look at these big white clouds. they are the big thunderstorms bubbling up even during the heat of this evening and early morning.
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when you see that the be-shaped in the white clouds, that is a good indication of a severe weather in alabama and georgia and parts of south carolina. this is moving the warm and muggy air in front of it. there is a target watch in effect right now until 2:00 a.m. it will be in too late tomorrow afternoon and evening before those storms moved off the coast. there may be a few lingering, scattered, spotty showers more. it will be breezy and cooler. beautiful weather is waiting to come in until the weekend. once we get passed to mark, things will improve rapidly. showers and storms are in the forecast through the night coming into the morning, up until about 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. it will clear later in the day as the wind shifts to the west. the gusts are at 30 knots with big storms crossing the bay. be careful if you will be on the chesapeake to more. cooler temperatures are moving into the mountains tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms around
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lunch time around the bay. the starnes mailing during to the late afternoon and early evening on the lower eastern shore. it will be -- the storms may linger during the late afternoon and early evening on the lower eastern shore. >> jeremy guthrie strikes out the red sox today at the yard. nfl owners' strike out again in court. >> let's go, america. tonight, we have a guaranteed $20 million for you could for -- for you. tonight, your multiplier is two. the first white ball is 40,
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followed by 44. the next number is 55. and there is the 24 could your final white ball number is 4. good luck, everybody. once again, here is tonight's winning numbers.
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we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights,
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>> and jeremy guthrie held of the boston sox scoreless. they put up three runs. jones went to left field, back- to-back home runs. guthrie struck out six red sox. but then table and let him down. kevan you list takes him into the from row -- kevin ukliss takes him into the front row. guerrero came up.
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>> it is all on the start to get. we get those type of starts. it should not be any big revelation. we will be pretty competitive with anybody. that is what you have to have. we said it last night. you have to have a good start to beat the good pitchers. >> they usually hit them further. if they are going backwards or straight up, we will take it. matt did a great job again tonight. he makes a lot of plays that helped us as pitchers. today, judge nelson denied the owners a stay on a injunction for a lockout. now they will ask a stay from a eighth circuit of appeals. the players believe that
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nelson's ruling tonight means that nfl teams should have to open their doors and return to regular business. in theory, the nfl could return to normal operations as soon as tomorrow. but with the draft beginning tomorrow, the league will wait until it hears from the eight circuit court. if they do not get a stay there, it will have to resume normal lead operations and team operations while waiting for its appeals hearing. peyton helles continues to make his old coach to before getting rid of him in the first place. fans will see him in uniform this year. on the cover of madd, he beat out michael vick for the cover of maddoen. now hillis' has to worry about the curse. michael vick finished second this year and appeared on the cover in 2004, missing 11 games
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that year with a leg injury. gary neil shines again, this time in the nba, hitting a buzzer-beater that keeps the san antonio spurs post-season hopes alive by sending their game into overtime we will have the
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